Our mission, through the Little BIG Fest, is to provide the best quality musical experiences and musical education on Whidbey Island. Please consider the following options to contribute to the growth and success of Little BIG Fest!


Personal Donations
Please use the "Your Price" button below to contribute an amount of your choice  ($5 minimum) to our ongoing efforts to produce and promote the Little BIG Fest. Use the Contact form to inquire about special incentives we're offering for different levels of giving.

Business Sponsorship
We have multiple sponsorship tiers with advertising incentives for sponsors. Use the Contact form to inquire about special sponsorship opportunities.

Little BIG Fest Donation
  • Little BIG Fest Donation
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Little BIG Fest Donation

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Your contribution helps us achieve our mission of providing live music and music education opportunities on Whidbey Island. Thank you!

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